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CRAZE Children’s Rings Splash Beadys Starter Set Rings Children’s Jewellery Craft Set

12,500 AMD 6,250 AMD
  • Craft set with pearls for children – the first iron bead you no longer need to iron
  • Contents: 1 Splash Beadys board, 1 stencil with 5 collen designs, 200 Splash Beadys in 8 different colours, 1 water sprayer and 1 instruction manual
  • With cool children’s motifs of the highest excellent premium quality.
  • Sprayed with water to fix beads
  • Beads can be stuck from the inside to the outside – each motif can be plugged in once

CRAZE-FLO MEE Clay Modelling Set- Unicorn

8,000 AMD 4,000 AMD
  • Kit with modelling clay crafts a unicorn
  • Contents: Flo Mee in 7 different colours, modelling tool kit, 3D glitter eyes and a user guide
  • Air dries and hardens without any baking the
  • Water-based entwickelt, very easy to mould,, ‘t crack when dry
  • Leaves no residue on work surfaces or hands

Magic Sand Box Unicorn, aprox. 600 g

18,500 AMD 9,250 AMD
  • Fascinating play experience with a guaranteed fun factor, even indoors
  • Encourages creativity and helps build motor skills
  • With the unique characteristics of sand, making it easy to shape

My Secret Diary Unicorn

10,500 AMD

The perfect diary to keep all your secrets in! With gift box, padlock and keys.

Pages: 328
Paper weight: 80 g/m²
Paper from certified forest sources