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14,000 AMD

Premium calligraphy and lettering pen with ergonomic body. Precise nib crafted from the finest stainless steel. Ergonomic body combining the balance and nib shape of the quill pen with the convenience of a modern fountain pen. Two ink cartridges included.


CARE’NE Essential Silver Fountain Pen ST

240,000 AMD

Carène rides the crest of the innovation wave. Taking inspiration from luxury boat design, the result is our most distinguished example of pioneering vision. Crafted in noble materials, with an artist’s attention to detail, its pure fluid curves conjure up the sleekest lines of a leisure cruiser, or the billowing sails of a luxury yacht. Set sail for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Finish

Monochrome and immaculate, rippled luminescent silver curves, fringed with palladium-plated trims, radiate the rich creativity of WATERMAN design.

The Nib

Like a plunging bow navigating the infinite possibilities of a pure white page, this rhodium-plated 18K solid nib is a unique WATERMAN design.

The Clip

Palladium finish.



3,800 AMD

A non-refillable fountain pen with a stainless steel tip.

  • Bleedproof with Copic markers
  • 0.1mm or 0.2mm line width
  • Water based pigment ink
  • Not waterproof (will bleed with watercolors)
  • Black

Jotter Stainless Steel Chrome Trim

14,000 AMD

The perfect pen for those of us who are always on the go. The Jotter’s streamlined design, durability, affordable price