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7,000 AMD

Faithful friends for sketching, drawing and dreaming. Black, made of cedar wood with high-quality lead. Can be attached to any notebook via a Cap with clip. Only sharpen with the Moleskine Sharpener (sold separately).

Main features: cedar wood; two 2B pencils and one HB pencil ; sharpen with the Moleskine Sharpener; can be attached to notebook via Cap with clip or Moleskine Penholder (sold separately)


COMPACT 0.7 mm eraser&pencils

930 AMD

COMPACT mechanical eraser&pencil with mechanical push button. 0.7 mm 2B lead which is perfect for writing and artistic drawing. Extra-large MILAN eraser. Replacement erasers and leads available. Available in 4 colours: blue, grey, pink, green. Measurements of COMPACT mechanical pencil: 13 x 1.8 x 1.6 cm.


Ferby Graphite

720 AMD

The perfect pencil for right or left handed users: Lyra Ferby Graphite.

Whether you are right or left-handed, it doesn't matter! These Lyra Ferby graphite pencils are made for you!. It's child’s play finding the right hold with the three different grip points, enabling you to effortlessly draw for hours on end. Chunky pencil 12cm long, 10 mm diameter, triangular shaped. Extra thick, break-resistant with a 6.25mm lead diameter.

Format: Single pencil


rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil

29,000 AMD

Top of the line mechanical pencil with full metal body and retractable mechanism.“Twist and Click“ retractable mechanism of the entire sleeve and lead: pocket safe + durability. Hexagonal barrel ensuring fatigue-free writing and drawing.


Rotring Tikky 3in1

10,000 AMD

“Magic view” mechanism

Innovative pendulum system turning the pen optionally into a pencil or ballpoint pens. Face the desired mode icon, press the push button and simply write.

Special Tikky's grip

Softtouch rubberised grip for a great comfort.

Triangular plastic barrel

Plastic body for a light-weight tool. Triangular barrel for relaxed drawing.