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Brown Tones Set

9,050 AMD

Polycrayons Soft Brown Tones: crayons for artists.

A set of 12 pastels for artists' use, with intense, brilliant colours. The edges can be used for drawing small details, while the flat part of the crayon is perfect for large fields of colour. They have high covering power and come in a well-balanced range of colours, in various shades of brown.

Pack of 12 pieces


Hi-Quality Art Pen Set

6,000 AMD26,250 AMD

Lyra Hi-Quality Art Pen Set, the professional set.

Metal boxes that come in various sizes, containing quality felt-tip pens which you can use for different types of artwork, artistic design, drawing and sketching. The tips are made from super-tough fibres, to ensure that your lines are always clean and precise. The water-based inks are clear, bright and resistant to fading. Available in 50 different shades, including fluorescent, gold and silver, and metallic colours that write on dark or pre-coloured backgrounds. The Lyra Hi-Quality Art Pen is a unique way to unleash your creativity!

Format: Metal box of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 pieces


Lyra Eraser Combinate

300 AMD

Start again from scratch with Lyra bi-colour erasers!

To remove pencil or ink marks, the best solution is always a Lyra bi-colour eraser! Suitable for use on all surfaces, the red or white part of the eraser removes black and coloured pencil marks, while the blue part erases inks. Put them to the test!