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12,500 AMD14,800 AMD

Stay on top of your work, wherever it takes you. This versatile features an array of layouts for key tasks and goals to prepare you for a day in the office, a business meeting or a creative brainstorm. Take satisfaction from detaching a completed to-do list, find your notes easily with the index and numbered pages, and keep all your travel receipts, business cards and hand-outs secure in the double expandable back pocket.


3,800 AMD

Sketch hardcover book, 80 sheets, 110 gsm. Acid free paper, FSC certified. Washable black hard cover, spiral bound. Ideal for pencil, pastel, pen.

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sense book of transotype is the notebook that touches your senses. The cover is hand-sewn, made of genuine leather pulp, fine, smooth and yet warm and alive. The fine but firm sides in cream color are the best basis for important thoughts that would be written. Designs, memories, plans and projects find their place here. In the loving design of sense books was thought along. Details such as page numbers, page content or perforated pages for easy cutting out make the thoughts gathering simple and clear.


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Moleskine celebrates Barbie with this numbered Collector’s Box graced with 24 original illustrations of the doll in a variety of vintage outfits and including a Limited Edition Notebook and Pen.

Barbie was first launched in 1959 and has since grown into a cultural icon. Generations have played, interpreted and transformed her into anything and everything, expressing their identity, thoughts and hopes through the magic of make-believe. She is a blank canvas with limitless potential.

With only 9999 numbered copies available, the Limited Edition Barbie Collector’s Edition features a notebook inside decorated with a black and white chevron detail from the original Barbie swimsuit and a Limited Edition Pen to accessorize each page with the words of your choice.

Part of a wider Barbie Capsule Collection for Moleskine, fans can express themselves with a choice of 4 Limited Edition notebooks, an iPhone cover and 9999 special boxed and numbered Collector’s Editions, each one decorated with vintage Barbie illustrations and containing a Limited Edition Notebook and pen.


9,500 AMD 6,890 AMD

Owning a Barbie is about experimenting with identity and imagination. A cultural icon since she first appeared on the scene in 1959, she is a blank page onto which millions of people have projected their hopes and re-invented their past.

This cute and colorful Limited Edition Barbie Notebook pays homage to the doll’s iconic accessories, while making room for you to fashion your very own ideas and ambitions on the pages inside. Handbags, hearts, shoes, bows and diamonds jostle for space against a bold black cover. This notebook has all the distinctive design features the Classic Notebook, including an elastic closure to keep your notes neat and presentable, a bookmark ribbon to help you find your way, and an expandable pocket for loose notes. Plain pages make this portable pocket-sized notebook the perfect place sketch out your unique style.


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Barbie represents a world of make-believe and imagination: she is a blank page onto which generations have sketched out their dreams and re-written their past. She first hit the scene 1959, dressed in the black and white chevron swimsuit that features on the cover of this Barbie Limited Edition Notebook. This original sketch of the doll along with the instantly-recognizable Barbie logo in delicate pink ensure that your notes stand out from the crowd in style.

While the cover of this large Limited Edition Barbie Notebook celebrates the doll in her very first outfit, the plain pages inside make space for you to fashion your own ideas and ambitions. A contrasting black elastic closure secures the inner pages, the bookmark ribbon makes sure you’re always in the right place, and the expandable back pocket is tailored to fit loose notes.



13,000 AMD

A blending of tones, fabric and texture, this notebook collection is where touch and colors meet. The Jacquard woven fabric cover comes in a sophisticated, new and naturally inspired color palette with bookmark ribbons and elastic closures in striking complimentary colors. Engage your senses as you weave your own story on the blank pages.


13,000 AMD

A blending of tones, fabric and texture, this notebook collection is where touch and colors meet. The Jacquard woven fabric cover comes in a sophisticated, new and naturally inspired color palette with bookmark ribbons and elastic closures in striking complimentary colors. Engage your senses as you weave your own story on the blank pages.



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A perfect match: never loose your ideas with these two tools, complementary in form and function.

– Classic Hard Cover Notebook
– Red; ruled
Classic Roller Pen Plus:
– roller gel refill Plus
– refilable with refill Plus
– steel cup

Classic Notebook-Red

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Add a splash of color to your day with this Scarlet Red Classic Notebook. Take notes, write to-do lists and capture thoughts on ivory-colored pages inspired by the original legendary notebook. Classic design features include an elastic closure for privacy and a bookmark ribbon so you never lose track of where you are. The expandable back pocket makes room for notes, cards and mementos gathered along the way.



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“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so … Get on your way!” Life is an adventure just waiting to be written. Be the author of your own destiny with this bright blue Dr Seuss Limited Edition Notebook featuring an inspiring quote from Oh the Places You’ll Go.

This large ruled notebook includes all the distinctive design features of the legendary notebook – from rounded corners and an elastic closure to secure your notes, to a bookmark ribbon to keep track of your ideas, wherever they take you.

The original Dr Seuss story, a best-seller since it was first published in 1990, talks about the limitless possibilities open to all of us if only we have the courage to balance failure and success and keep pushing forward. This Dr Seuss Limited Edition Notebook provides space to record all of life’s glorious ups and bumpy downs. It makes the perfect gift for someone just setting out in life, or indeed anyone who’s made the decision to get out of the Waiting Place and into something new and challenging. Un-slump your imagination and fill a page today!


Fabriano Sketch Pad

1,200 AMD6,800 AMD

Sketch paper with a light grain. Pale ivory shade. Paper produced with Hydropower energy.
Ideal for pencil, charcoal, graphite, sanguine, pastel and gesso.
Spiral bound pads, microperforated paper. Pads are shrinkwrapped by 5.


8,800 AMD11,100 AMD

The Moleskine Japanese album offers a unique notebook design influenced by the traditional Japanese horizontal emakimono scrolls. Perfect for drawings, collages, and sequences, this book contains one sheet of heavy-weight sketch paper that is folded into 60 accordion pages.