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800 AMD
Uncap full-on Neon. Electrify your message, and your audience, with vividly luminous Sharpie® Neon Fine Point Permanent Markers. Brilliant in daylight and fluorescent under black light, these Sharpie markers make all of your writing and art pop with electrical impact.
  • Bright in the day, the colors are vivid in natural light
  • Fluorescent in the dark, the ink glows under black light
  • Signature Sharpie permanent multi-surface ink writes boldly on paper, plastic, wood, and leather
  • Quick-drying, AP certified ink formula resists water, smearing, and fading

Aqua Brush Duo Set

14,850 AMD32,450 AMD

Double the creativity with the Lyra Aqua Brush Duo Set.

Set of double-ended felt-tip pens, for artists, designers and enthusiasts of all ages. The two tips are very durable and will produce the same high quality results for a long time. The tip at one end allows you to use a technique similar to painting. The other tip can be used to draw thin, precise lines to create perfect drawings. The water-based inks can be mixed together. They can also be used like water-colours. You just need to apply the colours to a shiny surface such as a plastic sheet or an old CD and mix them with water and paint-brush to create some beautiful effects.


Ciao set of 12 skin colors in the Wallet

36,000 AMD

The COPIC ciao skin color set is also available in a handy wallet. Ideal to carry your marker as well as a clean structure. With Velcro closure and Insertion facility for up to 24 markers. With outside pocket and zipper. A set in the wallet is also a wonderful gift idea.


Copic Airbrush Set ABS 2

17,000 AMD

The COPIC Airbrushing Layout System is the perfect means to easily integrate airbrush effects such as gradients and halftones into layouts and illustrations. Airbrushing with COPIC is practical: The marker is simply inserted into the Air Grip (spray cap), just off of compressed air D60, or by using the Air adapter and connecting hose to Air Can 180 connected – and away you go. It is connected to a compressor is also possible. For the color change, the markers are just reconnected. The system is environmentally friendly: the propellant gas for the Air Cans is chlorine-free and non-flammable.


COPIC ciao

2,800 AMD

Low-cost, two-sided all-round marker in 180 colors. Equipped with a universally usable, medium wide tip and a brush tip for sketching, Scribblen and layouts. Perfect for hobby artist, manga artist, for coloring scrapbooking, stamp art and handmade cards. The COPIC ciao markers provides newcomers many product advantages that have made so famous the COPIC and the COPIC sketch from the professional camp. The colored caps allow for a quick and accurate identification of colors. The 180 bright colors based on alcohol are toxikogisch safe and virtually odorless. The ink dries quickly, does not smudge and can be mixed on the surface and superimposed. All available 180 colors can be filled with identical Various Ink color again.


Copic Ciao 5+1 set

13,000 AMD

Each 5 + 1 “set includes 5 COPIC ciao markers that are equipped with a medium and a Super Broad Brush brush tip. The “+1” represents the added value of a multi addition accompanying liner with 0.3 mm tip, ideal contours or complete drawings to manufacture. The skin color set is very useful for figure drawing. The set of cool grays is ideal to set shadows. With shades of gray colors can be tinted or darkened.


COPIC classic

4,000 AMD

Professional COPIC layout markers in 214 colors, equipped with a wide and a fine polyester lace. Also for different applications, it can be converted to 7 further peaks. The ink of the marker is alcohol-based, toxikogisch safe and virtually odorless. It dries quickly and does not smudge. All available 214 colors (including 44 shades of gray) can be refilled color-identical Various Ink.


Copic multiliner pigment ink

2,400 AMD

MULTILINER “Classic” for line drawings, sketching and sketching.

The Fineliners with a waterproof pigment ink have been specially adapted to the COPIC marker system. So do not bleed from preliminary drawings after repeated overpainting. Lines of MULTILINER guarantee excellent reproduction characteristics due to their sharpness, regardless of whether they are used with markers, or just for sketching. Is also signed copy and smudge-resistant as well as resistant to UV light.


COPIC sketch

4,000 AMD

Professional brush marker COPIC sketch in 358 colors, equipped with the specially developed “Super Brush” tip and a “medium Broad” tip. (. Tips exchangeable) The ink of the sketch is identical with the marker of the COPIC marker: alcohol-based toxicologically safe and almost odorless. It dries quickly and does not smudge. All available 358 colors can be refilled color-identical Various Ink.


Glitter Pen Set A Vibrant colors

16,000 AMD

COPIC glitter pen set with 12 vibrant colors


Glitter Pen Set B, pastel colors

13,000 AMD

COPIC glitter pen set with 12 Pastelltoenen


Hi-Quality Art Pen Set

6,000 AMD26,250 AMD

Lyra Hi-Quality Art Pen Set, the professional set.

Metal boxes that come in various sizes, containing quality felt-tip pens which you can use for different types of artwork, artistic design, drawing and sketching. The tips are made from super-tough fibres, to ensure that your lines are always clean and precise. The water-based inks are clear, bright and resistant to fading. Available in 50 different shades, including fluorescent, gold and silver, and metallic colours that write on dark or pre-coloured backgrounds. The Lyra Hi-Quality Art Pen is a unique way to unleash your creativity!

Format: Metal box of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 pieces


Highlighter CityText

700 AMD

Marker, highlighter. Designed to highlight text on all types of paper, including Fax. Tightly snap-on cap. The body color matches


Highlighter ProfyText

600 AMD

Marker, highlighter. Designed to highlight text on all types of paper, including Fax. Tightly snap-on cap. The body color matches the ink color. Wedge-shaped writing unit. Water-based inks made in Germany have high light resistance. The thickness of the lines 1-5 mm. shelf life 4 years.


Kirarina “Cute”

12,000 AMD

Bring’ 3D color into your life with the fragrant Kirarina “Cute” pins. They smell of violets, lily of the valley, olive + roses. With 20 colors, you can make your very individual painting and craft work! The pins create raised relief effects and can be applied perfectly on various surfaces such as glass, ceramic, paper, clay, leather and fabric. After a 72-hour drying time, the product can be washed by hand. Paper artist can give the stylus a drop of paint on beads or buttons of a stamp image. Not pin shake to avoid air bubbles. In order to prevent bubbles after prolonged use, the pin should be mounted with the cap downwards.


Kirarina 2win

2,100 AMD16,850 AMD

2-color pen with fine fragrance Rentals your artwork a fine fragrance with the Kirarina “2win” pins. You smell like orange, strawberry,


Lyra Graduate Fineliner

7,150 AMD13,150 AMD

The Fineliner pen has a crushproof synthetic tip, to always give you clean, precise lines. Ideal for writing, drawing or underlining. The unique design makes it perfect for every occasion. The pens contain water-based ink and are available in 20 bright colours.


Set of 12 architectural paints Wallet

48,000 AMD

Experienced design experts developed ten special COPIC sets on various topics. With only 12 colors (11 colors plus black) can be prepared specific themed areas completely. The purchase of sets is a good way to build up its own color palette of COPIC colors continuously. The sets “Architecture Colors” and “Bright colors” are also available in a handy wallet for storing and transporting of markers. made of durable, washable polyester, Velcro and Insertion facility for up to 24 markers. The integrated exterior zippered pocket provides space for various accessories. As a triangle placed the wallet also serves as a display.


Sharpie Fine

800 AMD950 AMD

Bold to the max and permanent to the core, Sharpie® Permanent Markers inspire you to transform ordinary surfaces into passionately creative statements.

  • Proudly permanent ink marks on paper, plastic, metal, and most other surfaces
  • Remarkably resilient ink dries quickly and resists both fading and water; AP certified
  • Endlessly versatile fine point is perfect for countless uses in the classroom, office, home, and beyond

Sharpie Fabric Markers

6,400 AMD
Stained by Sharpie™ features ink that’s specially designed to adhere to a wide variety of fabric surfaces. They have a brush tip that draws both thick and thin lines and vivid ink that resists fading during normal wash cycles. Make your clothing truly original with Stained by Sharpie™.
  • Brightly colored ink designed to help you customize shirts, backpacks, and more
  • Smooth brush tip lays down both thick and thin lines
  • Adheres to a wide array of fabric types
  • Ink resists fading during normal wash cycles

Sketch pads Authentic Marker

3,200 AMD

With white, one side bleedproof coated paper. The surface is smooth and is specialy suited for markers and gel pens. With natural cardboard cover, hard back and spiral on top. Inside paper is Acid free, Ph natural and FSC certified