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senseBag Case

2,600 AMD

The senseBags by transotype, you have everything here that you have been for drawing, writing or painting and loving important. Markers, pens, brushes, erasers and much more, find their place here. Such’ you your personal favorite senseBag from, depending on what color, what size and how many utensils you need to take. Whether you’re a pins-net launcher, -Einroller or -Einstecker.


senseBag Fabric Tray

3,950 AMD

The multifunctional senseBag utensils basket is cream-colored, high-quality linen or black, washable and durable polyester fabric, lovingly crafted.

Pens, wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, documents, etc. are now within reach of a permanent place on your desk, in your: buttoned with four snaps a flexible, square tray for you throw everything you do not want to look any further arises here office, at the entrance, in the kitchen … wherever you wish for more order.

senseBag fuel storage cream, size: 18 x 18 cm

senseBag fuel storage black, size: 18 x 18 cm


senseBag folder case

3,050 AMD

The practical senseBag Folder Pencil Case is made of cream-colored, high-quality linen or black, washable and durable polyester, lovingly crafted.

  • The perfect “two-in-one tool”, if you want to pack in your folder not only the required documents, but also your writing and drawing pencils
  • The two integrated, sturdy eyelets you can easily staple your pencil case in folder or ring binder and already documents and pens are ready for use
  • With the durable, washable inner fabric you even have the potential leakage of ink firmly under control
  • For transport, the red, high-quality zipper secures your writing and drawing tools
  • The practical folder pencil case captivates not only by its attractive, modern design, but also by its versatile application possibilities.

SenseBag Small Case

2,500 AMD

The multifunctional senseBag Small Case is made of cream-colored, high-quality linen or black, washable and durable polyester fabric, lovingly crafted.

  • Soft and flexible, it takes in everything generously what is important to you
  • The pencil case has a practical zip in red and a coated lining
  • On the high-quality sewn handle, you can safely carry your pencil case with you or attach to a backpack, school bag or trouser bag
  • This makes the senseBag Small Case a constant companion in all your ways, wherever you want to carry your pencils and utensils.

senseBag Wallet

13,050 AMD

The fine senseBag wallet is cream-colored, high-quality lines or black, washable and durable polyester fabric, carefully made. but the billfold is not just a wallet in the traditional sense, but rather a multi-functional companion in mini format, with maxi capacity.

  • The highlights are the 24 removable clear plastic folder in the middle of your purse. Here you can store everything you have always with you want: identity card, driving license, business cards, all the money, insurance and loyalty cards, etc.
  • On the left side has a clip of space for your bills and receipts. The clip can be easily removed if necessary and place separately in your pocket if you do not want to take the whole purse
  • Two slots and one lying behind compartment can accommodate additional cards and papers
  • For small change a separate zippered compartment is incorporated on the right, located behind it, you can more cards, tickets or receipts stow
  • can be close your purse with red strap and sewn button
  • The practical senseBag purse with its 30 Einsteckmöglichkeiten a true miracle of space for everything you want to take on credentials, card and money.

senseBag purse cream, size: 8.5 x 11 cm (W x H)

senseBag purse black, size: 8.5 x 11 cm (W x H)